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There is a lot to be said for the physical benefits of massage. Massage therapists spend thousands of hours learning about how the body’s systems connect and how our hands can be used to enhance those connections. With our help, clients have better movement and less pain. If those benefits stood on their own, they would make massage very worthwhile for every client.

The great thing about massage is that it’s so much more than the physical! What massage therapists know, and what our long-term clients come to understand, is that massage is a whole person experience that benefits mind, body, and spirit. Along with enjoying better movement and less pain, massage clients tend to sleep better, think more clearly, experience less stress, and generally feel more peace. When your body is working well, your mental and emotional health reap the benefits.

The Mental and Emotional Drain from Pain

People typically start massage therapy because of pain, or at least physical discomfort. Whether they are experiencing that pain in their muscles, joints, nerves, or deep tissue, they know that bodywork will provide relief. Here’s the thing about pain (or stiffness, limited mobility, etc.) though – when you have it, your mind and spirit are going to be impacted as well.

Do you recognize any of these mental/emotional side effects of dealing with pain:
• Losing sleep because you can’t get comfortable, or waking up to take pain medication
• Canceling plans due to a flare up or fear of getting hurt
• Avoiding social situations because you’re not sure you can get through it without pain or strong meds
• Feeling depressed, angry, anxious, or stressed out whether from the actual pain or from what you’re missing because of it
• Experiencing brain fog or forgetfulness from pain medication
• Feeling isolated from your relationships due to your physical limitations
• Being unhappy with your weight or body image because you can’t exercise
• Fearing permanent disability or an early death because the pain never seems to get better

We need to be honest. If your body hurts, your mind and spirit probably hurt just as much. Pain demands attention; it consumes your thoughts and energy. It’s really hard to maintain a positive outlook on life when physical pain is part of your baseline experience.

Massage Reduces Pain, Improves Overall Wellness

Consultation is an important aspect of massage therapy. Before my clients get on the table, we talk about their pain, what other problems their pain is causing, and their goals. Even if they don’t realize it yet, my objective is to make sure that relief from pain will also lead to relief from its side effects.

I ask my clients how they are sleeping, if they have anxiety, if stress is overwhelming, and if their pain is keeping them from doing things they love. Bodywork alone begins the process of feeling better. We are reintegrating those physical connections in the muscles, tissue, joints, or nerves so that they heal and move freely. Beyond that, there is healing in the practice of touch. I am highly trained to use my hands for good – to care for another person with gentleness, compassion, and dignity. Never underestimate the power of positive touch for improving physical, mental, and emotional health!

The next step of connecting the power of massage to mind and spirit is to make sure we talk about it. I ask my clients about their pain during our work together. If they have less pain and better mobility, how is that showing up in their life experience? Now that pain is not drawing their attention, they are able to sleep, exercise, spend time in relationships, handle stress more naturally, and think with a clear head.

When they feel better physically, they begin to feel better about themselves. My clients consistently tell me that they feel more joy and peace when massage is part of their routine. That’s the highest compliment I can receive. My life goal is to help people heal, and massage therapy has paved the way for me to do just that. One session at a time, my clients are feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Experience the Whole Person Benefits of Massage Therapy

If pain is commanding your attention, it’s time to listen. That pain is costing far more than your physical health, and you might not even realize how much. But once you address your pain with massage therapy, you’ll quickly see an overall improvement in mood, stress, sleep, and general peace.

Contact me to get started on figuring out your pain. My sessions always start with a conversation so that I can tailor your experience to meet your goals. Ross Therapeutic Massage is located in Telford and is easy to reach from Harleysville, Souderton, Lansdale, Perkasie, Sellersville, Green Lane, and Quakertown.