Chronic Pain

I believe that managing your Chronic pain begins with what you do at home and what you put in your body! Knowing your limits and living holistically.

1) Hydration and proper nutrition. Drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables. Avoiding foods that are processed and high in sugar. Which leads to inflammation. When eating, think of this food as “natural or processed”.
2) Get plenty of exercise but know your limits. Movement is everything. Go for a walk, practice yoga, or any other form of movement therapy. This has positive effects not just on a physical level but also mentally and psychologically to release your natural feel-good hormones (dopamine) to help manage stress and give you a feeling that you are and can take control. Meaning the pain does not control you or your day.
3) Avoid or limit alcohol! Stop smoking
4) Find a local support group in your area! Or better yet start one in your area, use social media you are not alone – start blogging. Others in your area want to hear your story.
5) Practice meditation and yoga for stress management. Hobbies anything that you enjoy.
6) Oops a few more! Seek out a second opinion especially if your doctor only wants to give you medications and you begin to feel dismissed and not validated.
7) Seek out Alternative therapies in addition to yoga or meditation. See a chiropractor, a physical therapist, and, above all, get regular massages.


Last tip! What you put into your body and mind is essential. Learn to have a proper mindset.