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As a solo practitioner, I spend a lot of time building my network. Large chain massage businesses have marketing capital that just isn’t there for those of us running a private practice. When I’m not taking care of clients, I attend various local networking meetings to make new connections and talk about the benefits of massage.

If you’ve never been to a networking group meeting, and you are in any kind of sales position, I highly recommend trying this method of marketing! Whether you’re in private healthcare, finance, real estate, or any other service oriented business, you need to build relationships to make sales. It’s important to keep in mind that networking isn’t about trying to sell to the person in front of you. The goal is to increase your name recognition so your fellow members will refer business to you. Most people in networking groups end up doing business together, too, which is a great additional benefit.

The local, personal visibility in a networking group is hard to beat when it comes to making the best use of my marketing budget. For a membership fee and the cost of a cup of coffee, I get to talk about massage therapy to 20-30 people at once. During each meeting, I get a minute to share about myself and what I do. Over time, I get to know other individuals a little better, and we begin sending clients each other’s way.

The risk of joining a networking group is that I might have to talk about what I do in front of people who don’t think massage therapy is a serious health practice. Once, another member said jokingly, “massage is dumb,” to the whole group.

Trading Symptom Management for Real Solutions

People tell me about their pain all the time. No one is ever happy that they have to take a pill (OTC or prescription) every morning just to be able to move. No one says they were glad to give up their favorite physical activities to deal with an injury. No one is looking forward to surgery to address chronic issues.

When I tell them that my job is to help them get back to being able to move and function normally, they look at me skeptically. I get it. Massage is just a dumb luxury, right? Except that it’s not.

There are no promises with therapeutic massage. Just like all therapies, results vary, and it’s not magic. But research does show that regular massage has physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. When clients and practitioners collaborate to focus on the root cause of pain, stiffness, or inflammation, massage can be integral to healing.

My clients regularly report less pain, better movement, delayed surgery, improved sleep, and an ability to get back to doing the physical activities they want to do. Some clients even tell me that their depression has lifted, or their autoimmune symptoms have dissipated. They feel like themselves again. We can’t make promises, but we can produce evidence of changed lives!

Taking Opportunities to Educate Others on the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Like most professionals who go from working for others to working for ourselves, I had to learn a lot about networking with people who don’t understand what I do. While it took some getting used to, I’m glad that I get this opportunity. Now I absolutely love changing perspectives about what massage therapy is and how it can improve someone’s life. I have several clients who never had any interest in massage until we had a conversation and they learned that it might solve their problem.

In fact, that very same person who cracked the “dumb” massage joke at my expense is now a regular client! He has a different opinion these days.

If you have any of the issues I mentioned throughout this article, and it never occurred to you that massage could help, it’s time to explore the idea. Contact me to go over your pain points and discuss the massage techniques that will promote healing. We always start with a conversation about your goals so that our work together is beneficial for your overall wellness. Ross Therapeutic Massage is located in Telford and is easy to reach from Harleysville, Souderton, Lansdale, Perkasie, Sellersville, Green Lane, and Quakertown.