Zero Balancing is a hands-on treatment modality that does not force “change”, with a primary focus on your core, the mind/body connection, and your bones! Zero Balancing only invites and creates a space for change to occur. Which can be anything from neck or back pain, a change in your mindset, to restoring calm and peace, increased energy and focus, but more importantly, it is a way to balance your Nervous System. Finding a greater sense of who you are and getting back to the things or the hobbies you loved to do in the past, but because of life, repetitive movements, and injury/trauma pain and tension increase. Those traumas remain in your tissues, your bone, and fascia. Zero Balancing I believe is the missing link that can restore the mind/body connection and promote greater health.

So, right now as you are reading this! Are you having neck, joint or back pain? Or does your pain reach down to a much deeper level with depression, anxiety, fear, or anger? Has it become a chronic condition? Are you finding it difficult to sleep, are you restless and more irritable at work or home? Have you become tired of taking medications just to function? That is the kind of “change” Zero Balancing can bring into your life, it is not forced upon you, it is achieved by simply creating a space for you to find that opportunity to change. The “old school” way of thinking is to apply as much force or pressure as possible into your tissue to see results. The deeper the better, in some cases, but to cause you pain or soreness during and after the session is counterproductive to what Zero Balancing and other modalities are trying to achieve.

I believe that longer-lasting results are found in using the philosophy of “less is more”! By using less “pressure,” more intuition, purpose, curiosity, intention, and empathy to achieve even greater and longer-lasting results. By easing into the tissue and allowing the tissue to expand, soften and lengthen when it is ready, not forcing it to move when there is no space available for it to move. All of this is directly related to your Central Nervous System. This can happen because of injury, repetitive movements, stress, or general wear and tear. Finding pain relief or relaxation is impossible with a hyperactive or sensitive nervous system, similar to those that suffer from Fibromyalgia. A Fibromyalgia sufferer lives with a hyperactive nervous system that is always on alert, and sensitive to touch and just simple movements can be painful and exhausting. Calming the nervous system is essential for pain relief and for relaxation to occur. I believe this new way of thinking will change healthcare, especially in the use of alternative and holistic ways of healing, but more importantly in how we use and apply them.

I believe Zero Balancing will be the therapy that will lead the way in the “less is more” way of thinking in the use and application of therapeutic modalities. Its simplicity, unique touch, and its direct focus on restoring the mind/body connection are the future.