My client, Marie (not her real name), has been a great example of how the Zero Balancing technique works to relieve joint pain and stress. Marie was dealing with several physical issues, but her recent knee pain was causing particular distress. Because of the pain, Marie was beginning to have difficulty walking, especially on stairs. As a senior, Marie is very conscious about remaining active, and she was worried that this knee pain would limit her mobility and eventually her independence. You can see why this was causing her so much stress!

Massage Therapy as an Addition to Chiropractic Therapy

My practice is located within a chiropractor’s office – Marie’s chiropractor to be specific. When Marie noticed my services, she recalled that she used to get regular massages but that the chiropractic work had taken their place. She wondered about adding massage back into her routine without disrupting her chiropractor appointments and reached out for a consultation.

We talked about what she was doing with the chiropractor, which was work on her low back pain, arthritis, and scoliosis. While she was happy with those therapies, she mentioned that massage had always been beneficial in relieving her stress as well as her pain. She also asked if I could address her new knee pain.

This is where communication is key. Because I take time to learn about what my clients are already doing to address pain, I can recommend a massage therapy that maximizes their benefit without disrupting or repeating what they are already doing. Knowing that Marie’s back problems were already being addressed by a qualified chiropractor, I suggested that we focus on her knee pain and overall stress reduction. I felt that Zero Balancing would be the best modality to achieve this, and Marie was ready to give it a try.

The Goals and Outcomes of Zero Balancing Technique

  • Marie’s goals for Zero Balancing were to:
  • Relieve the pain in her knee
  • Reduce her overall stress and be able to relax
  • Improve mobility in the knee in order to avoid knee replacement surgery

We spaced Marie’s appointments every 2 to 3 weeks, and she decided to incorporate additional techniques for a total 90-minute session. In these sessions, we use multiple massage therapies as follows:

  • 60-minute massage to include Swedish and Myofascial Release modalities
  • 30-minute Zero Balancing

After Marie’s very first session, she felt an improvement in her knee pain. She is continuing to feel better with each session and regularly sends me messages to let me know how happy she is to have added massage back into her routine. Here are just a few of her words:

  • “I feel more together, less swelling.”
  • “My muscles feel smoother and stronger, and I have less pain when I move.”
  • “I feel together in the places where I should be! I feel stronger and more relaxed.”
  • “I noticed after several Zero Balancing sessions that my right hip pain was gone!”
  • “I’m excited! Went to the fitness center this morning. Walked on the treadmill. Did 1 mile. The knee felt great. Have not walked like that in a long time.”

Do you have a pain point right now that is limiting your ability and causing you to worry? Think about being able to apply one of these happy quotes to your post-massage state. Massage is a powerful method of reducing stress, pain, and anxiety while improving your overall mood and health.

Massage Therapy as Part of an Integrated Treatment Plan

Marie came to me knowing something that a lot of people sadly miss. She understands that her whole body is an integrated network and that different therapies can contribute to healing and wellness. She was very open and honest so that everyone she’s working with is on the same page, and she is a great self-advocate for her own health goals. She’s not afraid to work with different practitioners for different or similar issues, knowing that it will optimize her benefit. As her massage therapist, I’m glad that I can do my best work because she was willing to give me the full picture of what she was already doing and what she wanted from me. I’ll say it again – communication is key!

Health professionals have different areas of expertise, but you are the expert of your body and your health. Rely on the professionals to help you understand things and offer solutions, but you are the only one who lives in your body. When you take control of your health and advocate for your own body’s powerful healing abilities, you’ll be amazed at what you can change for your own wellness. If you’re working with a chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedic doctor, or other specialist on pain, consider adding massage into your routine. I’ll discuss all of your current therapies to make sure our work together is specific to your desired goals. Contact me to discuss Zero Balancing and other techniques. Ross Therapeutic Massage is located in Telford and is easy to reach from Souderton, Harleysville, Quakertown, Perkasie, Sellersville, Green Lane, and more.