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There are many barriers to why people do not get a massage on a regular basis. The first is cost, is there enough time, or I can only do evenings or weekends, and childcare, just to name a few. In my opinion, anyone can benefit from getting a massage at least on a monthly basis to decrease pain, improve circulation, injury prevention, relaxation, stress relief or decrease headaches, and many more.

In my practice any new or returning clients. I treat it as if it is their first time. I love asking fact-finding questions to understand your wants, needs, and fear you may have regarding your pain. How has your pain impacted your life, has it become worse or is it something that comes and goes? And simply have you become tired of living in pain, poor sleep, and going to your doctor for the same thing, more pills, tests, and no answers?


So, how do I help my clients overcome barriers?

1) Money and cost are always a concern for anyone. You value your money and how you spend it. As a way to help you, I have a loyalty and VIP program to purchase 60 or 90min packages after your first session to help reduce the cost. Please ask for details.

2) Time is always a factor. I book by appointment only. Meaning I do not have particular set hours in a given day. I see my clients on Weekends, days, and evenings. Having said that, I value my time and I hope you will as well.

3) I think this is often overlooked and may not be viewed as a barrier by some, but I think it is very important for you. I give homework, yes, I give you homework. They are called Post Treatment Considerations, which may include stretches, referrals to other practitioners, no I am not afraid of competition, and also my recommendation for when you should return for another session. Think of it this way, if you have had a massage before. How did it feel when the therapist asked for payment, maybe gave you some water, and quickly escorted you to the door to get ready for the next client?  I want you to be an active participant in your healing from neck, or back pain or some other form of trauma. It is very important that you are as much a part of your health as I am.